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If you are visiting this site for the first time and have never heard Pastor R.A. Vernon preach or teach, then prepare to be blessed indeed! Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a Word for your situation, life or that of someone you love. If you would like to purchase a copy of a CD or DVD of one of Pastor Vernon’s messages or series, then consider the following featured products:

Me, Myself & I (single message)

Are you a struggling single who’s “ready to mingle”? Are you seeking a fresh perspective on the topic of Christian singleness? In Pastor R.A. Vernon’s message entitled Me, Myself & I, you will find an on-time Word for whatever state you find yourself in. Whether you are single-seeking-to-be-married or single-and-satisfied, Me, Myself & I will ignite (or reinvigorate) your passion for your true first love, who is Christ!

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Love, Sex & Relationships (single message or series)

Why has the Church been silent while the enemy attacks us in the areas of Love, Sex & Relationships? Has a past relationship, sexual sin, the media or your religious upbringing misled you to believe that sex is unnatural or unholy? In this series, you will discover that sex is a part of God’s plan for man, the origins of sexual sin, how to deal with struggles of singleness, lust, keeping intimacy in your marriage, homosexuality, adultery, molestation and more. This series will change the way you view sexuality! Journey with Pastor R.A. Vernon as he demystifies the subjects of Love, Sex & Relationships.

Topics in this series will include:

  • Let’s Talk About Sex(God’s Plan for Human Sexuality)
  • Let’s Wait Awhile(Staying Pure As A Single)
  • HELP! I Think I’m In Lust!
  • Don’t Give It Away (The Value of Virginity) – a message for teens & adults
  • Is It Still Good To You?(Maintaining Sexual Intimacy in Marriage)
  • I’ll Just Do It Myself!(What The Bible Says About Masturbation. Is it a sin?)
  • As We Lay(The Consequences of Adultery)
  • It’s Just Not Natural(Homosexuality & Lesbianism)
  • It’s Not Your Fault(Dealing With Issues of Rape, Incest & Molestation)
  • Fatal Attractions (Why I Always Like the Wrong Ones)

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Getting Wealth God’s Way (series)

Did you know that God has a plan for your financial freedom? In this powerful series, Pastor Vernon helps us understand there’s more to Getting Wealth God’s Way then simply paying your tithes. Discover the power of “two worlds colliding” when you apply spiritual principles (first fruit giving, sowing, giving to the poor and general stewardship) and natural principles (investing, savings, hard work, discipline). This series will teach you how to leverage the power behind these principles and uncover the biblical prescription for Getting Wealth God’s Way.

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